April 2017 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

April 13, 2017    3-4:00 p.m.              B-6


Colleen Dowd, Melanie Mitsch, Ellen Ireland, Amanda Smith, Rachel Castillo, Erin Eyerly, Doug Grebe

Notes taken by Melanie Mitsch.

Minutes for March

Amanda Smith moved to approve the minutes. Rachel Castillo seconded motion to approve. Unanimously approved.

New Business

Possibility of a longer day for Kindergarten. Schedule to be determined.

Budgeting commitments for next year. Commitments seem the same for next year. We pay some of Reading/ELD Intervention and District pays the rest. We want to continue to pay for the portion we pay for now. 0930 is where we want to pay her from, but we are a little short to do that. We also spend money on substitutes for teachers to do training, running records, co-lab days. We’d like to continue to do that and is a big chunk. Also would like to continue to spend what we do on supplies and materials. We are losing our Reading Lab assistant. The lab would like to get an instructor to replace, not another assistant.  Means less time from someone, and more money, but hope for more bang for buck.

Tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 (intervention) is how we deal with the progression (or lack of) for kids. We have this support for reading, but not for math. Would mean a person/program.

The last two items would be asks to the PFC.

Other wish list items that probably won’t happen: Trying to meet the needs of each grade level, so they share resources instead of sharing with whole school. A matter of prioritizing and deciding what is possible with the PFC. Co-lab resources might be distributed out to some classrooms.

Old Business

Bi-laws need to be reapproved next meeting. They are in the our binders.

May is looking to be the last meeting for the SSC.

We looked at how many people are reaching their 2nd year on the council to know how many new people to find. (starred on the attendance sign-in.)

Principal Updates

Soul Shoppe observation. Looks like buddy bench is not being used. Suggested that we put a monitor in place (a kid) to help when someone does come to it.

Green sheets are coming out for developmental needs of kids that parents fill out to help with placement for next year.

Innovation meeting on Monday. Hoping to look at survey responses.

CAASPP testing coming up for 3rd-5th grades., 4/24-6/9

4/26 singout and volunteer appreciation event. PFC asked for more involvement for kids on the volunteer appreciation. Hoping to incorporate a thank you as part of the sing-out.

TK intro meeting at Highlands coming up on 4/26. Need to make sure Bancroft families are invited.

Lifetouch spring pics on 5/2. (Next year moves to iclick instead of Lifetouch.)

Public Input