Principal’s NewsLetter

  • December 2018

    Hello Walnut Acres Parents, As always, life is busy at school with holiday energy abounding. Teachers are enjoying the opportunity to create a holiday experience with their classroom families before relaxing with their own families during winter vacation. Our students are collaborating to create gingerbread houses, singing about the season in a multi-cultural performance, and […]

  • November 2018

    Welcome to the Holiday Season Walnut Acres Parents, Infusing Life Skills into Our Holiday Events Halloween was an exciting celebration at school, and our little ghosts, monsters, and princesses tell me they had a good time. We can be proud that the vast majority of our students are able to make good behavior choices on […]

  • October 2018

    Happy Halloween month, Walnut Acres parents! As I wrote this month’s update, our children were repainting our US map and checkerboard, cleaning library books, sweeping, raking, pulling weeds, and picking up trash as part of Walnut Creek Community Service Day. Thanks to Caroline Clerempuy with help from Courtney Wasserman for leading this community service opportunity […]

  • September 2018

    Happy September, Walnut Acres Parents! During our first month of school, our dedicated teachers have concentrated on building a strong learning family in preparation for the academic challenges ahead. They have established a safe, happy classroom community through the development of a positive tone, routines and procedures, team building, and clear, rigorous behavioral and academic […]

  • August 2018

    Welcome Back Walnut Acres Parents! It’s the earnest voices and the exuberance of the children that call educators from lazy summer days to the flurry of school opening preparations. Early last week, a 5th grader came by to sneak a peek at school activities and offered to help because we looked like “we needed it”; […]

  • April 2018

    Happy April Walnut Acres Parents, After a rejuvenating Spring break, we are ready to collaborate with you to create a strong and happy finish to the 2017-18 school year. We have a busy 9 weeks ahead starting with an important event in April that we designed for YOU! Volunteer Appreciation Event Each year we take […]

  • March 2018

    Happy March Walnut Acres Parents, We are all engrossed in learning as we begin the last trimester of the 2017-18 school year. Students are being assessed to measure their progress on California Standards and the results of that work will be shared with you when progress reports are sent home on Friday, 3/16. Meanwhile, teachers […]

  • February 2018

    Happy Valentine’s Week to you Walnut Acres Parents! I experienced an amazing early Valentine’s treat recently and thought I would share it with you since you indirectly played a role. Last week I returned to our site following a tedious professional meeting full of bureaucratic but necessary conversations about policies, procedures, regulations, and financial woes. […]

  • January 2018

    Happy New Year Walnut Acres Families! May 2018 bring peace and joy to your families and many exciting and memorable learning moments to your children! It was a true pleasure to welcome the students back to school after our break. As a group, they seemed a bit tired last Monday, but their energy soon returned […]

  • December 2017

    Happy November Walnut Acres Parents, During this season of holidays we focus on the life skill of kindness. In November we discuss the value of giving thanks, to support a positive, appreciative and healthy approach to living. While December, no surprise, is all about giving to others. Time will fly over these busy holiday months […]

  • November 2017

    Happy November, Walnut Acres Parents: During this season of holidays, we focus on the life skill of kindness. In November, we discuss the value of giving thanks to support a positive, appreciative and healthy approach to living.  While December, no surprise, is all about giving to others. Time will fly over these busy holiday months […]

  • October 2017

    Dear Walnut Acres Parents, I relish this time of year, when routines and procedures are established and we are implementing thoughtful plans informed by data while children and adults alike anticipate the approach of the holiday season. This year, however, we must also address the reality of natural and manmade calamities that are difficult to […]