Principal’s NewsLetter

  • October 2016

    Happy October, Walnut Acres Parents, Your children constantly amaze me! The enthusiasm they shared during our recent ‘Kindness in Chalk’ Day and the chalk messages they produced were heartening. We will continue to emphasize life skills within our curriculum and at special events. We thank you for modeling life skills for our children. Thank you […]

  • September 2016

    Dear Walnut Acres Parents, Thank you for sending your student to us for another year of learning and growing together! 2016-17 is off to a great start with a total of 648 unique and wonderful learners. Accolades to all our active parents, and in particular our dedicated PFC leaders and volunteers for working with Walnut […]

  • June 2016

    Happy summer, Walnut Acres Parents, As we say a fond farewell to our children and send them off for a summer of relaxation, adventure and reading, we will take some time to rejuvenate and prepare for the 2016-17 school year. Meanwhile, Walnut Acres will continue to be a busy place! Walnut Acres Summer Programs Camp […]

  • May 2016

    Happy May Walnut Acres Parents, As the school year ebbs, we are experiencing familiar bittersweet endings as well as the promise of new beginnings. Here’s what’s happening… Open House Festival Please join us on Thursday, 5/26/16, from 5-7:15 p.m. to celebrate a successful year of student growth! Our event will start with a family dinner […]

  • April 2016

    Happy April, Walnut Acres Parents! What’s happening at school… We are happily engaged here and crafting learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. Our creative students just shared their talent at our annual Art Show and practiced philanthropy through last week’s Food Drive. (Thank you to the parent volunteers who coordinated both these […]

  • March 2016

    Happy March, Walnut Acres Parents! Appreciation- Thanks to all who helped to create and participate in our recent Auction! It really was a great party! I haven’t heard about the financial outcome yet, but I know that thanks to the generosity of Fund-A-need donors, we have $15,000 to revamp our current computer lab into a […]

  • February 2106

    Happy February, Walnut Acres Parents, Your voice is requested! IT’S TIME TO COLLECT YOUR INPUT about how well Walnut Acres is activating the 6 C’s (collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking, global citizenship and content mastery), implementing the instructional practices we have been learning, and creating a safe, nurturing, and challenging learning environment! Please take […]

  • January 2016

    Happy New Year Walnut Acres Parents! Although I dreaded rising early last Monday morning to face the cold, dark day, it was absolutely delightful to arrive at school and connect with the children. They exuberantly shared the details of their holiday adventures and they all seemed excited about their return to school. We will do […]

  • November 2015

    Hello Walnut Acres Parents, It’s hard to believe that the holidays are around the corner, but here we are and I need to remind you that our first trimester ends on November 18th. That means parent conferences begin soon after and our students will be dismissed early during parent meeting times to allow you and […]

  • October 2015

    Happy Autumn, Walnut Acres Parents, I headed out to yard duty last month and discovered a large group of 50 or 60 students milling around in a tight group. If I had been on a high school campus I would have been anxious that something untoward was happening. Since it was our angels, I wasn’t […]