Principal’s NewsLetter

  • January 2016

    Happy New Year Walnut Acres Parents! Although I dreaded rising early last Monday morning to face the cold, dark day, it was absolutely delightful to arrive at school and connect with the children. They exuberantly shared the details of their holiday adventures and they all seemed excited about their return to school. We will do […]

  • November 2015

    Hello Walnut Acres Parents, It’s hard to believe that the holidays are around the corner, but here we are and I need to remind you that our first trimester ends on November 18th. That means parent conferences begin soon after and our students will be dismissed early during parent meeting times to allow you and […]

  • October 2015

    Happy Autumn, Walnut Acres Parents, I headed out to yard duty last month and discovered a large group of 50 or 60 students milling around in a tight group. If I had been on a high school campus I would have been anxious that something untoward was happening. Since it was our angels, I wasn’t […]

  • September 2015

    Hello Walnut Acres parents! Thank you for joining teachers at our recent Back to School Nights (BSN). We annually provide separate grade level BSN evenings because we want to ensure that no parent has to choose which grade level event they will attend. Thanks to those of you who joined me, as well, to hear […]

  • August 2015

    Hello Walnut Acres Parents, I hope your summer is providing some delightful family time and that your child is learning from your adventures while regularly getting lost in reading a book, a magazine, anything on a digital device, a graphic novel, a comic book or some other sort of text every day. As your thoughts […]

  • June 2015

    Hello Walnut Acres Parents, As summer fast approaches, it is time to thank you all for sharing your uniquely beautiful children with us and encourage you to make the most of the summertime options for family time. Whether you travel across the globe, or hang out at the local pool, summer is a special opportunity […]

  • May 2015

    Dear Walnut Acres Family, Sad News It saddens me greatly to tell you that Walnut Acres’ friend and former counselor, Alma Spring, passed away on Wednesday, April 29, as a result of a brain aneurism. Alma was with us for 3 years and took a full-time position as Mt. Diablo High School Services Coordinator for the […]

  • April 2015

    Dear Walnut Acres Parents, I hope you are enjoying some quality family time over Spring break as you read this message. We are gearing up for the last couple of months of the 2014-15 school year and that means redoubled efforts to teach new skills and concepts to our students with more opportunities to apply […]

  • March 2015

    Greetings Walnut Acres Parents, The 2014-15 school year is marching on and you will receive a formal assessment of your child’s progress on Friday, 3/20, when 2nd trimester report cards are sent home. If you would like to discuss any information within the progress report, please contact your child’s teacher. Remember, as well, that you […]

  • February 2015

    Hello Walnut Acres Parents,   February is bringing a few challenges as well as the usual assortment of successes our way. We will do our best to meet the challenges head-on and keep moving forward.   Measles Update Measles is making a comeback in the news these days and we want you to know we […]