SDC 1 – 2

Special Day Classes Kindergarten to Second Grade

Special Day Classes (SDC) 1 – 2

Jaclynn Uhalde

Room A3

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Special Day Classes (SDC)

  • Backpack, labeled with student’s name (no wheels)
  • small tote bag (no smaller than 12″ by 12″) with handles to hold any needed toileteting items for student (wipes, pull-ups) and change of clothes. Clothing needs to be kept appropriate as the seasons change
  • Copy paper, 8 1/2 x 11, min. 20 lb. (1 ream white)
  • Glue, Elmer’s large sticks (.77 oz), 6
  • Tissue box with lotion, 1
  • Baby Wipes, for hand, face and toilet needs, 1 container
  • Last Names A-M:  Ziploc Bags, sandwich and freezer quart size, 1 each; container of disinfecting wipes, 1
  • Last Names N – Z: Ziploc bags, snack and freezer gallon size, 1 each; Bottle of hand soap,1

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Please note that you or your student is not required to purchase, donate, or contribute any of the requested items on the school supply list. Additionally, no student will be denied from participating in any classroom activity if he or she chooses not to purchase, donate, or contribute any requested item(s). However, if you voluntarily decide to purchase, donate, or contribute any item an any quantity of the requested supplies and provide them to your student’s teacher(s), the supplies will be shared equally among all the students in the class in order for each student to participate in the planned, fun, academic activities. Click here to download all school supply list.