December 2015 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2015       3-4:00 p.m.                  A-1


Colleen Dowd, Jennifer Bridge, Rachel Castillo, Doug Grebe, Robin Louchis, James McKeehan, Debbie Sullivan, Chad Bounds, Erin Eyerly. Our guest speaker, Liz Austin, was also present.

Notes taken by Debbie Sullivan.

There was a motion to approve the minutes by Mr. McKeehan, it was seconded by Mrs. Eyerly. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Old Business

The Council reviewed the student survey results from November, 2014, starting with the 3rd-5th grade results, and then looking at the K-2nd grade results. There was a discussion that the results were very positive. People were impressed with the many comments written by the older children.

New Business

Our district ELD teacher, Liz Austin, spoke about the ELD program at WA. She shared specific data about numbers of students needing ELD services at our school, including the EL program entry and reclassification, as well as the levels at which our students test at each grade level. She walked through the ELAC list of items for which the SSC is responsible, providing information to Council members and answering questions.

Dr. Dowd reviewed the expenditures for funds as she passed out the SPSA budget page. Funds are spent in the areas of personnel for teacher collaboration, 1:1 running record subs, coaching and a .2 FTE intervention teacher; materials and supplies, including basic teacher supplies; and technology along with other services. New funding amounting to $43,000 is now in place to spend. Since we have used the $43,000 given to us from program 0301 (except for monies encumbered for our .2 FTE teacher and teacher supply spending), Dr. Dowd will shift monies so that some of the items previously purchased are coming from program 4657.  These will include intervention kits for our intervention teachers (about $7000), and books at various levels for classroom libraries to share (about $9000.) Dr. Dowd shared with the Council that funds could be delineated for a .1 FTE to shift our reading intervention support from .3 FTE to .4 FTE. Further funds could support an upgrade to transition our computer lab with 21st century furniture. In response to a parent question, Dr. Dowd restated that there should be more professional development money coming to us. She shared that she would like to use the funds to support the workshop coach and take that expense away from PFC. She also reminded Council that Megan Zeitler is only working with EL students. This is because she has less time on site (.4 FTE instead of .4875 FTE)  and there are more EL students to serve.

Principal Updates

Principal updates were a review of upcoming events with a comment that professional development is continuing for teachers.

Public Input

There was no public input.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.