February 2016 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2016         3-4:00 p.m.                  A-1


Colleen Dowd, Chad Bounds, Rachel Castillo, Doug Grebe Robin Louchis, James McKeehan, Debbie Sullivan, Safety Team Members – Allie Garcia, Nick Garcia, Lauren Lux, Denise Calbeck.


Notes taken by Debbie Sullivan.


Approving Minutes

In New Business there is an error in the second paragraph stating “will only print black & print” the second print should be the word “black”. There was a motion to approve the minutes with the noted change by Mr. McKeehan, it was seconded by Mrs. Castillo. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Old Business



New Business

The School Site Council and the Safety Team met together to review the Comprehensive School Safety Plan as well as decide on a timeline for gathering new information and formulating the timeline for Safety Plan for 2017. Dr. Dowd reviewed the Safety Plan in its entirety. Safety issues related to drop off and pick up were discussed. The front office will create a log to track the safety concerns brought to their attention surrounding drop off and pick up safety. With the log the concerns and problem areas will be easier to track long term rather than just responding to the immediate concern. The Safety Plan will be presented to the staff by a teacher on the Safety Team with special attention given to the rolls and responsibilities of each staff member. The parents on the Safety Team will present the Safety Plan at a future PFC meeting for parents to hear.


Timeline for completing the Comprehensive School Safety Plan next year: the plan is due March 1, 2017 & the SSC will vote to approve the plan at their meeting February 5, 2017. Survey will be available to parents and students in November 2016. Dr. Dowd and Mrs. Gallindo will review the data from the surveys during the months of November and December. The data will be presented for review and discussion at the January 2017 SSC meeting. The Safety Team will meet in January 2017 to develop new goals and the final plan will be presented at the February 2017 meeting for approval.


Mrs. Castillo made a motion to approve the Comprehensive School Safety Plan and Mr. Bounds seconded the motion. The Safety Plan was unanimously approved with the few changes discussed during the meeting along with the timeline for completing the Safety Plan next year.


Mrs. Louchis did not have anything to report from the DELAC meeting.


Dr. Dowd asked if anyone on the SSC is interested in attending the Superintendent’s parent meetings. The day and time of the meeting was requested by members before committing to attend the meetings.


Principal Updates

Money from the district for Professional Development Funding has been received in the amount of $10,000. This money may be intended to be spread out over 3 years.


Architects known to parents within the school have been asked to complete the feasibility report for free. Without the support of the district the project will be difficult to fund. The Colab group continues to look at revamping the current library to have it meet broader needs of the school population.


Reader’s and Writer’s Workshops continues and next year the entire school will be using the workshop model.


Public Input

There was no public input.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.