January 2016 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2016          3-4:00 p.m.                  A-1


Colleen Dowd, Jennifer Bridge, Rachel Castillo, Doug Grebe, Robin Louchis, James McKeehan, Debbie Sullivan.

Notes taken by Debbie Sullivan.

Approving Minutes

In New Business change the word questions to money pertaining to the statement Dr. Dowd made about professional development. There was a motion to approve the minutes by Mrs. Bridge, it was seconded by Mr. McKeehan. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Old Business


New Business

Dr. Dowd shared the visual document the PFC Executive Board created to inform Walnut Acres parents about where the PFC money comes from and where it goes. It was suggested that the flier be handed out in the drive thru line and at the crosswalk where the crossing guard is stationed.

Dr. Dowd provided a SPSA funding update. Each SSC member received a copy of the three budgets and Dr. Dowd explained the spreadsheet line items. The three budgets are 0301 which is a general education budget, 0930 EL, foster youth & targeted youth budget and 4657 which is professional development money. Dr. Dowd explained that she would like to pay for Megan Zeitler’s salary from the 0930 budget since she works only with the EL students. With the introduction of Reader’s Workshop new books are needed to meet the needs of all students, especially those with lower reading levels. Printing costs are high and new printers have been purchased that will only print black & print to save on the cost of print cartridges. Staff is encouraged to send their printing needs to the district print shop.

Mr. Grebe motioned to approve the budget and Mrs. Bridge seconded the motion to approve the budget. The 2015-16 0301, 0930 & 4657 budgets were unanimously approved.

Mrs. Castillo motioned to approve that a portion of Megan Zeitler’s salary be paid from the 0930 budget and Mrs. Bridge seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously to pay for a portion (.25 FTE) of Megan Zeitler’s salary from the 0930 budget.

Principal Updates

Dr. Dowd discussed the feasibility team for the Colab and requested a SSC member join the feasibility team. The team has to decide if the Colab project will be taken on and then how to proceed to fund the project.

Dr. Dowd discussed the idea of creating a Colab with the current space at Walnut Acres. Students would be able to come in and use the technology in a different way than the computer lab is currently used. Creating a computer lab and design lab in classrooms in the C wing where there is an accordion door between two classrooms. Another idea is to shift intervention to the library to create more access to the leveled books for all students. Mrs. Ritthaler is in the library part time so the space can be better used when it is vacant. Move ELD and intervention to a larger room and move the learning center to the space the ELD and intervention program currently inhabits.

Public Input

There was no public input.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:06 p.m.