January 2017 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

January 5, 2017          3-4:00 p.m.                 B-7


Colleen Dowd, James McKeehan, Ellen Ireland, Amanda Smith, Chad Bounds, Erin Eyerly, Doug Grebe, Jennifer Bridge, Rachel Castillo, Melanie Mitsch

Notes taken by Melanie Mitsch.

New Business

Being recommended by the Strategic Committee for coaching costs for the remainder of the year be covered by PFC, about $15,000. That would free up funds for other uses, like supplies and 1-1 testing.

As well they are discussing taking on online Math program costs, about $5000.

District is helping to help offset the money used for teacher raises.

DELAC update, see e-mail attachments.

Next big thing coming up is the Safety Plan. Most valuable is to look at page 10 (some have it as page 16), which are the goals that were set up. Some goals from last year were not achieved.   Some things from last year to carry out this year (like AED training).   Safety plan meeting to be scheduled, school site council will be included in that invitation.

Old Business

Binders were given to those that needed them.

School Site plan for Student Achievement is complete. Plan was shared. Some minor changes (filled in a section on page 27 of 38 that we accidently left off due to using one browser over another) were made and everyone put in binders. No further questions.

Approving Minutes

James motioned to approve the minutes. Amanda seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Principal Updates

Personnel changes – new music teacher, Sally Anderson for 1st-3rd.

New nurse, coming once a week. Nurses does vision and hearing screenings.   Helps with issues that teachers have, like hygiene. Helps with parents with allergy concerns, provides allergy training for teachers.

New science aide – Faye Metler for science rotations in upper grades and 1st grade.

Need Special Ed Aide and Supervisor personnel.

Facilities – library was worked on over the hallway. District paid for $17,000 new carpet. Yeah! Will continue to make changes in the library and get that in good shape.

Professional development plans for teachers – coming to end of coaching for writer’s workshop and reading workshop for teachers. Will have ongoing training for new teachers. Looking at phonics programs now, Wilson phonics.  After that piece is figured out, attention can turn to math. Investigations and Bridges are current to of list math programs.

Public Input