January 2018 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2018            3-4:00 p.m.               B-7


Colleen Dowd, Ellen Ireland, Amanda Smith, Chad Bounds, Catherine Canillas, Kaitlyn Diebel, Mari Arenson, Melanie Mitsch, Dara Buzzard

+ Safety Plan Special Guests: Denise Calback, Lauren Lux, Heather Roy

Notes taken by Melanie Mitsch.

Minutes for November

Approved unanimously. Made a motion to approve.   Kaitlyn Diebel seconded.

Old Business

SPSA Update – Plan was approved by district office with board approval this week.

Budget put in place took into account a $13000 carryover. But we might not get carryover.

New Business

Safety Plan – Reviewed part of the safety plan as a group. Reviewed vision statement first which includes a piece about safety. Members on page 5 need to be updated to this year’s committee. A log is kept on any meetings that cover safety discussion. Members reviewed and gave input on the ways we provide and maintain a high level of school safety.

Then reviewed the goals in the safety plan. All goals are being met except for AED training (we are set to do that this year). There was a mention that keeping heavy things from above cabinets shouldn’t be in the plan. It should just happen, which it is.

Denise spoke about the emergency plans. People are designated for posts in case of emergencies with backups listed. This all gets updated based on teachers that have left and those that have come.

Ideas for 2018 plan:

  • Social Goals:
    • Goal #1: Add component of integrating general ed and special ed. Activities and education.
    • Goal #1: Consolidation of components
    • Goal #2: Add an aspect of multi-cultural awareness
    • Goal #2: Consolidation of components
    • Goal #3: Change component #2 to digital responsibility; remove Component #1
  • Physical Goals:
    • Goal #1: Consolidation of components
    • Goal #2: Remove entirely
    • Goal #3: Consider a barrier outside of second grade classroom to both provide some privacy and give second grade more room to use outside.

Principal Updates

Teacher of the year requests due tomorrow.

Kindergarten longer day started this week. Pace felt slower for the teachers and kids.

Robotics exploration in Colab.

Parents would like to sponsor an International Day, maybe in May

Kindergarten registration coming up for next year

New website by end of year

Monthly recycling has raised about $350 so far

Grant being written for a garden on campus

Fund In Needs: Get chrome books for each classes and the garden/recycling funds needed. Can these be tied together to a single fund in need or should they be separate?

Public Input


Meeting adjourned!