March 2018 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2018            3-4:00 p.m.                 Faculty Room


Colleen Dowd, Ellen Ireland, Catherine Canillas, Mia Carella (sub for Kaitlyn Diebel), Melanie Mitsch, Chad Bounds, Amanda Smith, Shakeya St Julian Garcia

Visitors: Jean Condon to talk about ELD

Notes taken by Melanie Mitsch.

Minutes for February

Approved unanimously. Eileen Ireland made a motion to approve.   Mia Carella seconded.

Old Business

Majority of carryover is coming back to us. 100% of 0930 and 80% of 0301 is now in reinstated in our budget.

Because our carryover is now in place, we can proceed as planned last Spring 2017, to shift the .1 FTE in 0301 to 0930 for school year 2017-18.

Mia Carella made a motion to approve move of funds. Jean Condon seconded the motion. Approved unanimously- 8 yea/0 nay.

New Business

Jean walked us through the discussion of the ELAC responsibilities, going through the points below:

1.Development of the schools plan on services to EL

  1. A) Description of schools program for EL: ELD teachers use ELD curriculum to implement the ELD standards in a small group setting. ELD teacher also pushes into classrooms to scaffold the lessons so each student is receiving the same rigorous academic standards as their peers.
  2. B) Description of school services to provide additional assistance in ELD and other core areas:  classroom teachers scaffold each lesson for their students in their classrooms (use of sentence frames, pictures, pre teaching vocabulary, etc) Students use iReady and Imagine Learning computer programs.
  3. C) Description of services the school provides for EL who are participants in Special Education: Special Ed teachers implement necessary lessons to students following their IEP or 504 plans.
  4. D) Review and discussion of services provided to EL through Title 1, SIP, or other supplementary funds: Dowd
  5. E) Description of procedures that parents must follow to request bilingual ed for their student:  Parents fill out Home Survey in the beginning of year that identifies the languages spoken/understood at home.
  6. F) Review and discussion of letters the school sends to parents including translations and ease of understanding: the types of documents sent home would be:  1) if their child qualifies for testing because of the Home Survey 2) Results of CELDT tests or now it will be ELPAC 3) when a child advances within or graduates out of the program. We try our best to translate every document (the district and community try to offer help to translate)

2.Schools Language Census:

  1. A) Review and comment on results of language census (R-30): refer to Student Distribution by Ethnic Code Chart
  2. B) Describe the procedure for identifying EL: Home Language Survey and the English Language proficiency tests such as the ELPAC and ADEPT.
  3. C) Describe the districts reclassification criteria: a student scores proficiently on iReady and passes CELDT or now ELPAC test.
  4. D) Discuss/ask committee members for suggestions on improvements in services, programs and staffing for EL:  change the hours of EL teacher from a PT to FT.

3.Schools Needs Assessment

  1. A) Summary of EL grades from previous trimester:
  2. B) Review schools EL results on STAR, and on CAHSEE and percentage of students in advanced Math and Science classes: See data
  3. C) Number of teachers who have CLAD or equivalent authorization: Dowd
  4. D) Review and comment on schools needs on assessment related to instructional  services and resources available: More time is needed to collaborate with teachers and analyze data, review lessons, and discuss progress. I monitor progress by following the ELD Proficiency Level Continuum and ELD standards for each child. A program that has a more formal diagnostic would be helpful (as seen in the Wonders Program) The students are currently making progress with our combination of push in model and  pull out small group time.

4.Importance of School Attendance- Dr. Dowd

  1. A) Review and comment on attendance and drop- out data for EL and the school as a whole: we take attendance daily and for the most part students attend ELD. Interruptions may include assemblies, special enrichment activities or field trips etc.
  2. B) Discussion and information as to the importance of regular school attendance: it’s obviously important for kids to be at school. I notice a lot of students take very long vacations during school time. Dowd can add to this
  3. C) Description of ways to encourage parents to support school attendance: Dowd

For next time, Amanda will bring the English language breakdown for Walnut Acres.

Parent Survey was passed around to review. We should review it before next meeting and will talk about it next time.

Healthy kids survey was passed around to review. We should review it before next meeting and will talk about it next time.

iReady results were passed around to review.

Principal Updates

Safety concerns from parents around recent shootings. Reviews are going to happen to evaluate possibilities. We are going to do everything we can and be prepared. Our safety resource will come by to speak with the teachers and ask questions.

Auction fund-in-need – we might want to put $ aside for some safety upgrades. That is live now on the auction site.

100 kids so far enrolled for Kindergarten.

We have less budget for next year. We will have to ask PFC for funds, but they might not have it either. Decisions will have to be made. Allocations were passed around to review from this year and projections for next year.

We need noon supervisors. We have 2 openings now and another might leave. They are 7.5 hour a week positions. Doug suggested to ask the day care workers.

We are looking at site time to decide if should maintain the schedule which is over time by 9 mins 4 days a week.

Public Input


Meeting adjourned!