May 2017 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2017       3-4:00 p.m.              B-7


Colleen Dowd, Melanie Mitsch, Ellen Ireland, Amanda Smith, Jennifer Bridge, Chat Bounds, James McKeehan, Rachel Castillo

Notes taken by Melanie Mitsch.

Minutes for April

Jennifer Bridge moved to approve the minutes. Ellen Eyerly seconded motion to approve. Unanimously approved.

New Business

By-laws – No changes this year to the by-laws. No issues brought up.

Rachel Castillo moved to approve the continuation of the by-laws. Amanda Smith and Jennifer Bridge seconded motion to approve. Unanimously approved.

Last meeting for year.

Mr Paradiso is leaving Walnut Acres, taking a leave of absence to become a counselor. As well as an involuntary transfer is coming in to take his place. Grade level undetermined.   She is a member of the community, was a parent here and was teaching 3rd grade at Woodside. This is unofficial as of now because board meeting needs to approve next week.

Positive input on math intervention teacher for next year.

Survey results have been configured by a parent to see the results for each question over 4 years. Results will be going out. And at the start of next year, this council will review and see if we can help improve the items we have control over. All questions have improved year over year. We are on the right track.

Conversation spent time on communication and how to make sure people hear it and absorb it. Are there any intern programs either at the high school or jr college that could do communication work for us…for free ;).

Street smarts assembly happened this week.

Bike/walk to school day on May 10th. Would like to see more people doing that regularly to help flow of traffic.

Green sheets are due May 8th. Staff assignments are finalized by June. Communication will go out when that is finalized.

CASP testing is coming along. Some problems, but they are working on them.

5/24 singout on Diversity. Music teacher is retiring, Mrs, Young. Mrs. Anderson is taking on the music instruction for the whole school. Music room with be where OT is now because we couldn’t get a portable. OT to be relocated. That is still a work in progress.

Student Council doing fund raiser. For every .25 a child brings in, the child gets a post-it and a prize to the one that gets the most.

Kindergarten will have a field day with the 5th grade.

And there will be a no trash lunch day.

We’ve been able to reduce our trash because of the efforts of the children.

Maintenance work happening over the summer.

Old Business

Status of longer Kindergarten day – Longer days with early release on Wednesday. Schedule through December would remain as the shorter day, and longer day would start in January.

Proposal has been passed to the Children’s Center to help with schedule adjustments.

Might need to ensure that parent’s schedules with private childcare are ok/adjustable with the change in schedule in January.

Principal Updates

Public Input