May 2018 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

May 4, 2018    3-4:00 p.m.                 Faculty Room


Colleen Down, Ellen Ireland, Catherine Canillas, Kaitlyn Diebel, Melanie Mitsch, Mari Arenson, Amanda Smith, Shakeya St Julian Garcia

Notes taken by Melanie Mitsch.

Minutes for April

Approved unanimously.  Mari Arenson made a motion to approve.   Eileen Ireland seconded.

Old Business

Reviewed briefly budget plans and what that means for our expenditures: reading programs, online accounts spending and our part time specialists.  Next year we won’t have the separate ELD program.  We won’t be able to serve children for reading intervention as well.

We are spending money this year for online programs for 2018-19. Our researched and ordered Wilson phonics program may not me approved by district office. We are directed to show our need for this program.

We will sponsor a .2 FTE reading intervention teacher in 2018-19. We will continue to support substitutes for collaboration, 1:1 assessments, and other PD and we will use money for materials/supplies.

New Business

Dr Dowd asked for feedback on the volunteer appreciation event.

We received a risk assessment report that we reviewed.  Dr Dowd will continue review of this with more people, including teacher to see what they might want.

Principal Updates

Dr. Dowd thanked members for their work on the SSC and gave each member an African Daisy plant in appreciation of their time and energy on behalf of Walnut Acres kids.

Public Input


Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.