November 2016 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

November 3, 2017      3-4:00 p.m.                 B-7


Colleen Dowd, Erin Eyerly, Doug Grebe, James McKeehan, Ellen Ireland, Amanda Smith, Chad Bounds, Liz Austin – ELD Specialist

Notes taken by Amanda Smith.

New Business

Proceeded out of order due to guest speaker

Guest Speaker: Liz Austin – ELD Specialist

Liz Austin presented the Walnut Acres Elementary Language Census, she shared numbers of students at each level of EL learning, she provided a chart indicating criteria for EL reclassification, and she discussed the school’s plan and procedures for finding and serving EL learners.

Group reviewed SSC ELAC Responsibilities – SSC Meeting Minutes Addendum – and noted topics that had been discussed by the Council.

Final Budget Summary from SPSA was disseminated and reviewed by Council. Increase in 3803 funding was noted.

Principal asked for PBIS funding ideas from Council. Anyone with suggestions is welcome to email her after the fact.

Old Business

Binders were given to those that needed them.

A principal-generated list of “Good Stuff Happening at WA” was shared with team and modifications suggested.

Approving Minutes

Doug motioned to approve the minutes. Ellen seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Principal Updates

Open Q&A

Next meeting on 1/5/17 due to teacher conferences in December.