October 2016 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes
October 6, 2016 3-4:00 p.m. B-7

Colleen Dowd, Jennifer Bridge, Doug Grebe, James McKeehan, Ellen Ireland, Amanda Smith, Chad Bounds, Rachel Castillo

Notes taken by Amanda Smith.

Approving Minutes
There was a motion to edit the last meeting attendees. All agreed.
The minutes were unanimously approved.

Old Business
Reviewed entire SPSA. Talked about goals for 2016-17 and amended Goal #2 with additional activity. Reviewed evaluation of 2015-16 Goals and looked at budget.

New Business
Voted on 2016-17 SPSA
Doug Grebe moved to approve SPSA with modifications. Jennifer Bridge seconded it.
Approved by all.

Voted on sufficiency of textbooks at Walnut Acres.
Dr. Dowd passed around MDUSD Textbook Sufficiency Reporting Forms to show that all teachers signed form indicated they had required textbooks. Forms were passed around so that all members could check that all teachers signed form.
Jenn Bridge motioned that Walnut Acres is Textbook Sufficient. James McKeehan seconded it.
Approved by all.

Principal Updates
Open Q&A
Member asked about movement to create new district – Dr. Dowd shared that public school facilities cannot be used to promote a political process

Discussed “mean clowns” phenomena

Discussed the pros and cons of enclosing Walnut Acres with fencing.

Public Input

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.