Walnut Acres PFC

Mission Statement: pfc

The Walnut Acres Parent Faculty Club’s primary mission is to ensure the ongoing improvement of the academic education and experience for each child at Walnut Acres. Through fundraising efforts, we can focus on maintaining and enhancing existing programs as well as developing new ones to develop as a 21st Century learning community.


1. Build deeper understanding as it relates to 21st century learning and the new Common Core standards.

2. Encourage 100% participation at any level from all Walnut Acres families in donations/fundraising and/or corporate matching.

3. Increase support of families who are new to our community. To make every family feel welcome and a valued part of Walnut Acres.

4. Improve communication to parents about PFC related programs and activities,  including all volunteer committee members to properly communicate in a timely manner about their respective activity or program.

Who Belongs to the PFC?

All Walnut Acres parents and faculty belong to the PFC and are encouraged to
attend monthly meetings and to volunteer for a PFC Board position or support a committee activity.

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  • What is the PFC?

Forms/PDFs Available to Download

Below are Adobe PDF files containing our most commonly used school forms. If you are unable to view the files below, you must download the newest version of Adobe Reader from


Important: Classroom and Field Trip Volunteer Information

Parents/Volunteers can visit website: to schedule for a fingerprint appointment.

Volunteer Tuberculosis Risk Assessment

Tuberculosis Clearance Information

Parent Driver Insurance Form

Field Trip Driver Permission Form

Request to Use School/District Property

Student Emergency Contact Information

Student Insurance English & Spanish

Responsible Use Policy for Electronic equipment K-2 or 3-5

Permission to Use Student Photo or Work


Parent  (is being revised and is not ready yet)