Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computerized learning enrichment program that assesses the quantity and quality of independent reading and allows each student to progress at her/his own pace and level of reading ability. It provides teachers and children with a fun and exciting way to encourage and monitor reading at home and in the classroom.

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Our school and classroom libraries contain a large number of carefully selected Accelerated Reader books for which tests can be taken.

We have now moved to the on-line version of Accelerated Reader and its companion, STAR Reading. You may now check how well your student has performed on the comprehension tests for books read independently by going to Renaissance Home Connect link below.. You may also find books at your child\’s level using the AR Book Finder. Click this link to view your child\’s performance: Renaissance Home Connect (ask your child for the username and password they use at school) Click this link to find books at your child\’s reading level: AR Book Finder

Character Counts

At Walnut Acres Elementary School, we are proud to offer “Character Counts!” in which we promote the Six Pillars of Character:  trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship. These six core ethical values form the foundation in which we help teach our students how to be responsible and caring individuals within our school and community. To obtain more detailed information on this educational program, click on the link below:

Day Care

Walnut Acres Day Care Center is a licensed school age day care center which has been serving children and families for over 25 years in the Walnut Creek area. We invite you to visit

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our facility and observe our excellent and well educated staff as they work with children from ages 4 years, 9 months through 12 years.

Walnut Acres Day Care Center

We are proud to offer a Junior Kindergarten program as well. This program will give your children the skills they need to have a successful year in Kindergarten the following year.

Junior K Program

Our expectations of what an excellent day care center can provide for children are well expressed in this quote from Rousseau, one of the great educational philosophers:

“Nature means children to be children Before they become men and women. If we deviate from this order, We produce a forced fruit, Without taste, or power of lasting; We make young philosophers and old children. Childhood has ways of seeing, thinking, And feeling peculiar to itself.”

– Rousseau


Ed1Stop is now available for the staff and students of Walnut Acres. With Ed1Stop, we now have access to both subscription-based services as well as free educational websites. Our subscription services include:

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  • United Streaming: videos, photos, articles and teachers\’ manuals from the Discovery Channel.
  • BrainPop: Animations on educational topics
  • AP Multimedia Archive: a million photos and articles from Associated Press dating back to 1826
  • Recipes4Success: software tutorials and reference guides, online tools, and a step-by-step process for building projects with students.
  • Grolier Online Encyclopedia: one of the best online encyclopedias available

Each teacher has received a log-in ID for their students to use from home and/or school. Once logged in, teachers can customize the page with bookmarks to help direct students to specific information. Each Walnut Acres\’ student should check with their teacher for their log-in ID and password. Click below to login.


Walnut Acres offers a variety of enrichment activities to supplement the education of our students. Our activities span a wide variety of interests such as karate, chess, conversational Spanish, hands-on science, and drama. For a list of our current programs being offered, click the link below:

Enrichment Programs

Summer Camp

It\’s time to look forward to our Walnut Acres Summer Fun Program! We offer some of the best classes and field trips from past summers and have added new classes, van trips, and excursions. With all of our programs we hope to give your children a rich summer experience. We share the excitement with you in providing a fabulous summer program for your children! Click here to check  Walnut Acres Day Care for their program.

Noon League

The Noon League is a non-competitive, just-for-fun, team-oriented sports program offered over the lunch recess to all third, fourth and fifth graders. It is partially funded by the PFC. The program runs from October through the end of May, with a new activity being introduced every six – eight weeks. Each session will begin with class open play and will end with various open games. Visit the Noon League window throughout the year for more information on schedules and games. Each student who plans to participate must sign a Participation Contract along with their parents. A copy of this contract may be found below. It simply asks students to read and understand the General Rules of the program before participating. Signed contracts should be returned to your student’s teacher as soon as possible.

Noon League Contract (click here to download).

Good sportsmanship is always mandatory, team spirit is encouraged and unnecessary roughness is not permitted. I’m looking forward to another great year.

Sandy Villers

Have Fun ~ Play Fair ~ Respect Others