September 2017 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2017        3-4:00 p.m.               B-7


Colleen Dowd, Melanie Mitsch, Ellen Ireland, Amanda Smith, Dara Buzzard, Chat Bounds, Catherine Canillas, Kaitlyn Diebel, Shakeya St Julian Garcia, Mari Arenson

Notes taken by Kaitlyn Diebel.

Minutes for April

Member introductions. Overview of Site Council and the binders. 5 people are needing binders. Overview of responsibilities as ELAC Committee members. Instruction on how to collect information.

moved to approve the minutes. seconded motion to approve.  Unanimously approved.

New Business

Online training- PowerPoint presentation.

Purpose of School Site Council.

Elementary Composition. 10 5 school members, 5 non-school members.

Parent Ballots go out today, due next Friday.

Annual procedures and ongoing activities.

Conducting meetings- guidelines.

Open meeting- anyone can attend

Voting procedures

Meeting minutes details- keep for 3 years

35 English Learners- 27 in general education program

2 potential volunteer positions. District ELAC (DELAC). Robin Louchis was going and we need someone to fill the position. Meetings are run in Spanish- English speakers wear headphones with translation. Someone who speaks Spanish and English would be the ideal person. It doesn’t have to be someone from Site Council. Everyone asked to think about anyone who may fit those requirements. Has childcare.

Superintendent has a parent committee where she talks about what’s going on in the district.  Colleen to follow up on dates and times.  Attendees asked to think about people who would be a good fit.

Bring binders to each meeting.

School Plan will be the main focus for the first part of the year.

Conversation about the beginning of the year: Jaguar day was smooth- lots of prep work. Online Homelink worked well, not everyone signed up, but most did.

Street smarts assembly happened this week. Parents had to log in even if there were not any changes. It’s essential for ensuring that emergency contact numbers are up to date. Not at 100% yet, but most are updated.

Smooth start to the year.

October 4th Walk and Bike to School Day. Street Smarts will be giving out helmets and will be sizing them that day.  Drive through seems easier. Could it be because there are more walkers and bikers?

Kindergarten extended day starting in January. Early release on Wednesday. All kids come from 7:55-12:00. Late friends will stay until 2. Early friends will leave at 12. District wants us 24 to 1 and we are close to that.

Concerns: First Fire Drill at the end of the day. Discussed process of choosing the times and importance of having different times for drills so students are ready for everything.

School updates: New Kindergarten playground, new doors, bathroom updates, concrete leveling.

New Math Intervention teacher has begun.

Added Be Kind. Videos will be coming to share with kids about what to do and what not to do.

Discussion about State Testing results. We will look at the data together and look to see if the Workshops have been impactful.

Discussion about Math curriculum and how teachers are approaching math in their classrooms.

Certificate of Achievement: 100% attendance at DELAC meetings last year.

Old Business

Principal Updates

Public Input