SSC April 2015 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

April 2, 2015        3-4:00 p.m.                         C-7

Attendees Sharon Lund, Robin Louchis, Erin Roeder, Debbie Sullivan, Mimi Ng, Cherise Khaund, Aramazd Masis, Dr. Colleen Dowd.

Notes taken by Aramazd Masis

Debbie Sullivan moved to approve the minutes from February. Sharon Lund seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Erin moved to approve the minutes from March. Debbie Sullivan seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Old Business


New Business


DELAC Meetings-Ms. Louchis

Ms. Louchis gave a summary of the DELAC meeting to SSC. Ms. Louchis mentioned the California Association of Bilingual Education (CABE) event that many Parents attended. A key focus of the event was teaching the parents to be involved in their communities. Another event is coming up and Ms. Louchis was invited.


Superintendent / Parent Meeting – Sharon Lund

Mrs. Lund provided a summary of the meeting to the SSC. Seventeen people had attended the meeting. Mrs. Lund informed the SSC about the Smarter Balance testing in April and May. Mrs. Lund mentioned that the District was looking at doing teacher training in the summer. Dr. Dowd clarified that the District was adding a week of training in the summer(three instead of two). Mrs. Lund spoke about a presentation on cyber bullying. Ms. Lund also mentioned that she had forwarded information about what the PFC is now covering that the District could cover. Dr. Meyer had noted that nothing was identified yet that the District could fund instead of the PFC. Mrs. Lund reviewed the “Chart of Foundation and Supplemental Services, Programs, and Expenditures” listing the various types of programs that can be funded based on different funding.


2015-2016 Single Plan for Student Achievement

The SSC members divided into groups of two and three to review the 2015-2016 Plan and provide feedback for Dr. Dowd in preparation of next year’s plan.


2014-2015 budget update

Dr. Dowd spoke about the fact that two instructional assistance positions (Science Lab) are coming out of the SSC fund until such point as the PFC might agree to fund them instead.




Principal’s Report


Personnel Challenges

Two sub custodians currently. SDC teacher in and out.


Summer Possibilities

  1. Teachers will have opportunities to participate in summer academies.
  2. Galileo will be here again in Walnut Acres. No Musical program this summer.
  3. The District is starting to bring back Summer School. Initially for First greaders who need help reading. Fifth grade, focus on math. Program will be at Woodside elementary. Dr. Dowd will be the principal for the program.Continuing our transformation in 2015-2016
  1. Instructional practices
  2. Professional Development
  3. Positive climate enhancement in 2015-2016; how to ensure that the older children take these skills on with them
  4. Exploring potential WA dual immersion program – had some parents in the PFC with interest. PFC meeting discussion on April 14.


Public Input


There was no public input.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm