SSC April Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2014    3-4:00 p.m.                         A-1

Attendees:   Colleen Dowd,  Erin Roeder, Liz Hartman, Sharon Lund, Mimi Ng, Robin Louchis, Leigh Ann Andrada, Pati Becerra, James Wu, Aramazd Dermardirosian

Notes taken by Leigh-Ann Andrada.

February minutes:    Sharon Lund motioned to accept the minutes and Liz Hartman seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

New Business

Pati Becerra came from the district to go over ELAC responsibilities.  Walnut Acres has 45 EL students according to the 2013 census.  School needs a minimum of 21 EL students to form an ELAC community.  Parents here are not expressing a need for a separate committee and feels the School Site Council will cover their needs. See the minutes Addendum “ELAC Responsibilities” for details of what was covered.  Dr. Dowd expressed that her goal was for SSC members to understand the four areas covered and be able to answer questions on the issue.  Students are identified by a home language survey.  All teachers use SDAI strategies, plus services provided by EL teacher and a district teacher to provide daily services. Most of Walnut Acres support funding comes from the PFC.  The Dual Immersion program starting at Bancroft Elementary was discussed, a program open to English, Spanish and Bilingual speakers.  The CELDT test, which assesses students’ level of English development, will be changing to a new test.  The new test is not known yet. Robin Louchis expressed that her students with severe disabilities, because of the nature of their disability, will not ever test out of the EL status.  Dr. Dowd also suggested that it would be helpful to parents of students in those particular situations to have procedures or steps in place to manage that situation.

DELAC meeting coming up March 19.  Ms. Becerra said the district is looking for a representative from Walnut Acres.

Due to time constraints, we will discuss by-laws and vote next time.  Mr. Dermardirosian asked if we should eliminate the Secretary position, since we currently do not have a person in that office and instead we rotate the responsibilities. Dr. Dowd asked that we look at that position in the by-laws in preparation for next month’s meeting. Mr. Wu asked how much of the by-laws are required or mandated by the district.  Dr. Dowd said there are guidelines provided.

The Distinguished School Award committee will be visiting the school in April 15.  Dr. Dowd discussed her agenda for that day.  She asked if some members of the SSC could be available to meet with the committee.  We will meet again before then and will review areas for discussion with the committee.

Teachers continue 21st century work.  Soul Shoppe was a great success.  Volunteer appreciation day is being modified to reach as many parents as possible.  April 18 is the proposed date.