SSC December 2014 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2014            3-4:00 p.m.                         C-7

Attendees: Leigh Ann Andrada, Robin Louchis, Dr. Dowd, Erin Roeder, Debbie Sullivan, Mimi Ng, Cherise Khaund, Denise Calbeck, Aramazd Dermardirosian, Sharon Lund, Pati Becerra

Notes taken by Debbie Sullivan

Mrs. Kahund motioned to approve the minutes, Mrs. Andrada seconded the motion. Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.

Old Business


Technology Plan

-Measure C people came and walked the campus and said Walnut Acres needs to further update           some of the infrastructure (increase wireless access & improve network), some computers in                  the computer lab are over 5 years old and need to be replaced

-Dr. Dowd will request that the changes to the infrastructure and the new computers come from            phase 1 money

-The plan is now a three year plan

-Some changes made to the plan based on parent input


New Business


ELAC Responsibilities – Pati Becerra

-Should cover 80-85% of items found on the ELAC Responsibilities for SSC Meetings, check off                 the topics and enter the dates topic is covered

-Transitional Kindergarten-reach out to families with eligible children (flier provided)

-Donation request for foster children in the district (flier provided)

-Administrative Relief- International Institute of the Bay Area will be presenting information

(flier provided)

-211 Data Base – Contra Costa County Parenting Guide (flier provided)

-DELAC meetings- Ms. Louchis is Walnut Acres representative, district wide English learner                      topics are discussed

-Bilingual class offered at Bancroft, class should be 50-50 English language and whichever other                            native language is taught. Currently the native Spanish speaking children are predominately                  bussed from other communities.


DELAC Meetings-Ms. Louchis

-Meetings are conducted in Spanish and are translated to English

-What about including other languages for reaching out to the entire learning community

-The parents participating advocate for their children’s education and want more for                                 their children than they had

– Dr. Dowd provided the Master Plan: English for the district for review

Superintendent/ Parent Meeting – Sharon Lund

-Money for counselors is a 3 year role out plan and money for elementary counselors is not a                part of the 3 year plan

-Instrumental Music – Dr. Meyer was pleased to see that children are happy to be learning                       musical instruments, and she is aware that some teachers are not pleased with the children                    being pulled out during instruction. Dr. Meyer stated that the instrumental music program                        schedule is a site decision. Parents of incoming 5th graders can voice their concern to the                      district about the way the students are pulled during classroom instruction.

-Math teacher shortage-parents are upset about the shortage & use of substitutes

-Breakout session for parents to present what they consider great programs at their individual                              schools


Soul Shoppe –

-Dr. Dowd requests approval to move ahead with the contract for Soul Shoppe to provide                         assemblies and Peace Maker training. All present agreed.


Principal’s Report:


Counselor search continues, ready to interview candidates.


IA and SEA Search:

Still searching for 3 special ed assistants.


3 instructional assistant positions

  • position has closed