SSC February 2015 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

February 5, 2015               3-4:00 p.m.                         C-7

Attendees: Leigh Ann Andrada, Robin Louchis, Dr. Dowd, Erin Roeder, Debbie Sullivan, Mimi Ng, Cherise Khaund, Aramazd Masis, Sharon Lund, Denise Calbeck

Notes taken by Sharon Lund

Mrs. Khaund motioned to approve the minutes, Mrs. Louchis seconded the motion. Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.

Dr. Dowd handed out an article about iPad use in the classrooms. Asked for feedback from SSC members WA is having students work as consumers, but also as producers on devices. Examples of WA students as producers are growing. Mrs. Ng talked about Book Creators in 2nd grade, and Dr. Dowd talked about having kindergarteners take pictures of patterns in kindergarten. We are getting better at using devices transformationally (offering learning experiences that could not be offered without the devices.)


Old Business


New Business


DELAC Meetings-Ms. Louchis

Ms. Louchis said there was extensive discussion on re-classification of students. Parents suggested that the District needs to do more to re-classify students.


Superintendent / Parent Meeting – Sharon Lund

Mrs. Lund gave an update on 1/20 meeting. Please see PFC website for details.


Dr. Dowd provided information on funding:

0930 Funds – $10,572 for online programs, chromebooks for ELD/Reading Lab, Reader’s Workshop, 1 interactive board (see handout)


3705 Funds – $9,296 Writer’s Workshop, substitutes for teacher collaboration, CC-related conferences, coaching


0301 Funds – Expenditure Counselor increase (new Counselor started in January). Dr. Dowd asked PFC to cover extra time on a timesheet until District approves the added hours. The cost for the .1 FTE will be approximately $4000.


2015-2016 budget brainstorming – We spend a substantial portion of our funding on substitutes so that teachers can have more 1 on 1 time with students, collaborate with one another, and participate in trainings (eg. This year we are visiting other campuses to observe Reader’s Workshop in action.) We also want to continue to spend money on Soul Shoppe-type programs. Dr. Dowd asked us to vote on whether we should maintain the counselor position for next year.


Vote taken on whether to reimburse the district for the cost of .1 FTE School Counselor position for the 2015-2016 school year. Mrs. Sullivan motioned to approve it and Mrs. Andrada seconded the motion. All voted to maintain the counselor at .1 FTE for 2015-16. Motion approved. It is hoped that PFC will continue the .2 FTE School Counselor position for 2015-16.


Principal’s Report:


Counselor started “Chill Zone” so that students can hang out during lunch. Mrs. Bowen is new TK assistant and is noon supervisor. Mrs. Lux is delighted since she has 32 students!


School Website is down. Mrs. Galindo is trying to fix it.


Student/Parent Survey comments… Dr. Dowd wanted to show results on website but that will have to wait since the website is down. Dr. Dowd needs help from volunteer to group the comments before putting on website. Mrs. Khaund offered to help and requested other members to do outreach for volunteers on this.