SSC February 2014 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2014               3-4:00 p.m.                         A-1

Attendees:   Colleen Dowd,  Erin Roeder, Liz Hartman, Sharon Lund, Alma Spring, Mimi Ng, Robin Louchis, Leigh Ann Andrada

Notes taken by Erin Roeder.

December minutes:    Sharon Lund motioned to accept the minutes and Leigh-Ann Andrada seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

New Business

Postponing ELAC discussion until next month when Pati Bacera will be available to talk to us about ELAC responsibilities. Dr. Dowd instructed Council to review sheet for next time.  When listening to Ms. Bacera, please put check mark next to ELAC Responsibilities list as she talks to us to ensure everything is covered here at Walnut Acres.


School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Each school must put out a “report card” for the District website and other public sites.  Dr. Dowd is responsible for putting out the report card.  She used input from Distinguished School Application process and other sources to fill in some sections.  This SARC has information from the last school year (2012-2013). Standardized testing results and other data provided by District.

A copy was distributed to Council members for review.  Please let Dr. Dowd know of any suggestions or changes.  Dr. Dowd will ask to see about changing the confusing class size numbers, but she is unsure if it can be changed.



Every few years Council reviews them to make any changes as necessary.  Dr. Dowd went through them with Council.  At next meeting (March), we will vote on By-Laws.


Principal’s Report


21st Century Learning –

Successful writing workshop (conferring) for teachers and parents last week.


Patty Galindo is doing computer programming program with 5th graders during their computer time.


Odyssey of the Mind has put together a competitive group for 4th grade.  Alexandra Pike is doing 4 Saturday classes this February in the way of Odyssey of Mind to those parents who were interested in the fall.

Design Thinking activities in 4th and 5th grade classes.  Latest project for 5th grade is working with high school STEM students on physics/”amusement parks”.


2 pages in yearbook that show these 21st Century Learning activities to show parents? Dr. Dowd will talk to teachers about it.


Common Core Work connected to 21st Century Learning with the 6 C’s.  Teachers attended symposium yesterday.


Smarter Balanced Assessment pilot –a  week to complete it at 3rd, 4th, 5th grade level.  There will be no results to parents, teachers or schools.  Then this information will be used to assess how the testing went.


Mrs. Lund brought up question about iReady.  District required us to do CA testing (booklets), formative testing.  At WA, this testing did not mesh with 21st Century Learning.  WA took the opportunity to do iReady testing instead — online testing, adaptive, sophisticated results/data right away, free b/c pilot program.  Lessons were an adjunct.  This year WA was given another free year of iReady online testing.

Lessons were thrown in again for free.  Some 4th graders are thinking it is not challenging enough, etc.  Dr. Dowd has invited the iReady folks to come and get feedback.  She sends them info on this type of glitch.

Dr. Dowd feels next year we will not use the iReady b/c we will use Smarter Balanced which won’t be all multiple choice and will be more deeper thinking.  But will give up the immediate teacher data and lessons.

But where does this leave the lower grades?  Keep iReady for these grades?  Hope they will give it us again since we are giving them lots of input/feedback.


Soul Shoppe will present an assembly “Be An Ally” on 02/20.  Focus will be on teaching children to stand up for behavior they see that is not right (bullying, etc.).  Teaching children to be respectful with one another.  Assemblies will be split up by each grade.   Dr. Dowd will include a write up in her principal’s letter.  Alma really thinks it is important to get a dialogue going with their students before and after.  Perhaps invite parents?  But Alma will check with Soul Shoppe.  Peace Maker program is going well.  Sharon Lund brought up – is the Peace Path/Peace Maker info out there?  Alma is trying to keep it out there and relevant for the students.  Perhaps email teachers to remind them the Peace Path is there.   Or a little review of the Peace Path with students.  Mrs. Hartman suggests if a Peace Path training is done again to make sure everyone can see and hear – sit in an oval, etc.   Dr. Dowd agreed we must keep it front and center for students.