SSC March 2015 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2015    3-4:00 p.m.                         C-7

Attendees Leigh Ann Andrada, Robin Louchis, Gail Brekke, Erin Roeder, Debbie Sullivan, Mimi Ng, Cherise Khaund, Aramazd Masis, Sharon Lund, Denise Calbeck

Notes taken by Erin Roeder

We were unable to approve minutes from the February meeting because no copy was available. It was decided we would approve them at the April meeting.

Old Business


New Business


DELAC Meetings-Ms. Louchis

Ms. Louchis said there was extensive discussion on LTEL (Long-Time English Learner) students. Lorie O’Brien, Director of School Support and Accountability, was present and talked about the Master Plan for ELL (English Language Learners), including the reinstitution of summer school. Dr. Meyer, Superintendent, was present and had a lot of positive ideas for how to move ELL students forward.


Superintendent / Parent Meeting – Sharon Lund

There was no meeting in February. Ms. Lund did address the PFC at a PFC meeting on 3/3 to get input on things parents would like to see the District pay for that the PFC has been paying for the last few years due to budget cuts. Ms. Lund will present the list to Dr. Meyer at the next meeting on 3/10.


2015-2016 Budget

Mrs. Brekke, substitute principal, suggested we discuss this at the April meeting when Dr. Dowd will be present.


2014-2015 Safety Plan Review

The SSC reviewed the plan thoroughly and a vote was taken to approve the plan. Mrs. Khound motioned to approve it, and Mr. Masis seconded the motion. All voted to approve the plan with the few corrections and additions that Mrs. Calbeck will make. Motion approved.



Principal’s Report


Mrs. Brekke provided the Principal’s Report on behalf of Dr. Dowd.


Upper grade observation of Reader’s Workshop has been completed. Teachers’ Rounds will take place on 3/12 to observe “Collaborative Conversation”. There will be a Teacher Inservice Day on 3/13 with discussion on vocabulary development, Writers Workshop, Readers Workshop and Thinking Maps training. Report cards will be sent home on 3/20. There will be an empathy assembly for all grades on 3/20. There will be Art & Science of Teaching training on 3/26. There will be a sing-out on 3/27. And lastly, the website is back in working order! (Thank you, Mrs. Galindo!).


Public Input


There was no public input.


Meeting was adjourned at 3:50 pm.