SSC November 2014 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2014           3-4:00 p.m.                         C-7

Attendees: Leigh Ann Andrada, Robin Louchis, Dr. Dowd, Erin Roeder, Debbie Sullivan, Mimi Ng, Cherise Khaund, Denise Calbeck

Notes taken by Cherise Khaund

Mrs. Sullivan motioned to approve the minutes, Mrs. Andrada seconded the motion. Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.

Old Business

Budget is not yet ready from the district. We are already spending from the categories, such as for substitutes during professional development, and we purchased reflex math for 3rd, 4th, 5th grades – game style learning for automaticity.


It has been appreciated to have Ms. Louchis representative for the DLAC meetings.


New Business


School Attendance Improvement Plan

  • New strategies:
  •                 close monitoring of severely absent
  •                 share with teachers the at-risk students to help monitor
  •                 update webpage


Principal’s Report:


Counselor search continues. MDUSD School Board has approved the .2 FTE (2 half days). Mrs. Roeder suggested meeting with the peace makers next week to get them started. Dr. Dowd will


IA and SEA Search:

Still searching for 3 special ed assistants.


3 instructional assistant positions

  • new position 2hr a day for TK
  • losing Patti Turezky and Janice Davis


Parent Opt-Out Form – talked about the privacy forms


Technology Plan – must be turned in by Winter vacation. has been taken to the innovation team, will be emailed to them as well. This is about $118,000 from Measure C. Erin is noting edits. Executive Summary is from Distinguish School application – need to check if it meets the criteria of the question. Please bring your copy with edits on them to Dr. Dowd by Friday Nov 14.