SSC October 2014 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2014                3-4:00 p.m.                         C-7

Attendees: Leigh Ann Andrada, Robin Louchis, Dr. Dowd, Erin Roeder, Debbie Sullivan, Mimi Ng, Sharon Lund, Cherise Khound, Denise Calbeck

Notes taken by Erin Roeder

Mrs. Andrada motioned to approve the minutes, Mrs. Khaund seconded the motion. Minutes from last month’s meeting were approved.

Old Business

District will give Site Council members new tabs, but not new binders.

New Business

ELAC Role & Responsibilities

SSC will continue with the responsibility of ELAC. Dr. Dowd distributed a sheet with the ELAC Responsibilities.  Patti Bacera will be at our next meeting to go over it with us.

Ms. Louchis offered to be the representative for the DLAC meetings. She will let Dr.  Dowd know if she would like to share anything at the SSC meetings from the District meetings.

School Plan for Student Achievement

Dr. Dowd distributed a copy of the School Plan for Student Achievement.   She went over it with us.  She reminded us SSC is responsible for the money we spend to help achieve these goals in the plan.  We reviewed the goals, actions, monies to be spent, etc.  Dr. Dowd is still waiting to hear what the budget will be for this year from the District.  Dr. Dowd will update the plan with changes when she gets word on the budget.

Principal’s Report:

Counselor search continues. The PFC has to vote again on the .2 FTE position before we can continue.

Special Ed Assistant will be here 5 hours a day.

AB 1575 is the new law regarding donations for supplies, field trips, etc. Being very careful now, make sure it says donation, no specific reminders.

Innovation Team is talking about the issue that we are tight on space at the school and in the classrooms. They are talking about possibility of getting someone in the community to build a building for us to use as a media center for research, design and collaboration.

If interested in giving Dr. Dowd any feedback on her Principal Message, let her know.

New Business: