SSC September 2014 Minutes

School Site Council Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2014        3-4:00 p.m.                         C-7

Attendees: Leigh Ann Andrada, Robin Louchis, Dr. Dowd, Erin Roeder, Debbie Sullivan, Mimi Ng, Sharon Lund, Cherise Khound

Notes taken by Sharon Lund

Old Business


New Business:

Role of SSC members:

Looked over and Re-arranged SSC Binders to prepare for new school year

Dr. Dowd handed out new bylaws

$11,000 carry-over money will be used for Singapore math books… whiteboards for teacher classrooms… still TBD

Talked about what money has been used for in past: materials, substitute rounds, professional development and programs such as Child Assault Prevention, Soul Shoppe

ELAC… SSC will continue taking on that role. Dr. Dowd shared good news that there are 20 more students who are English fluent of the  60 in the group from last year

Textbook Sufficiency Review:

SCC looked over papers signed by teachers regarding textbook sufficiency. Mr. Aring turned in paperwork.  Louchis motioned to approve to inform District we are textbook sufficient… Debbie Sullivan second.  Ms. Ireland exception… will sign off soon.

Suspension Report: Walnut Acres looks good at 0%… Dr. Dowd says she’d rather use other methods such as in-class suspension than sending child home.

Parent Advisory Report:

Sharon Lund reported what was discussed at District’s PAC meeting. Counselor funding should come to Walnut Acres, according to District.  The District will review the instrumental music 5th grade time slot for Walnut Acres so hopefully students would not have to be pulled out of key academic time, 8 am Wednesday and Fridays.  Sharon encouraged parents/teachers to provide her with any issues that they would like presented at future PAC meetings.

Louchis brought up bussing situation for SDC kids… drivers need to know not to park in the bus pickup area. Difficult situation due to staffing issues… parents need to be patient.

Principal’s Report:

Starting the new school year: Please provide more time for sign-ups on BTSN

Innovation Team Goals: New multi-media center to support students and design thinking

New Business: